Message from Kazufumi Suzuki, CEO of Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd.

代表取締役社長 鈴木一史
Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd. was founded in 1919 as Taiyo Soda Co., Ltd.. We are continuing grow as a manufacturer of rare metals and rare earths mainly for various fields of customer’s needs and requirement such as steel, chemical products, electronic components, glass, and airline industries etc.
We are always earnestly looking and endeavor by various attempts to create new materials from rare metals and earths.

Under such rapidly changing circumstances, we strongly believe this is our mission that harmonizing and keep balancing between rich and convenient lifestyle creation and global environmental protection.
With this our mission, we sure to continue for innovating technology, meeting customer’s requirements, and pursuing employee’s happiness.
We do promise to our best strive and continue.
Your consisting support is highly appreciated.

Kazufumi Suzuki

Our Mission

Mission of Taiyo Koko is,
suppling and manufacturing
the products of customer’s
needs and requirement based
on our innovating technology,
and with responsible care of harmonizing global
environmental protection and keeping safety,
creating fruitful world and society.

The color purple used in our company logo is derived from heliotrope.
Heliotrope means "turn toward the sun" in Greek, and this is why the color purple was chosen to symbolize our company.