Company Profile


Company Name TAIYO KOKO CO., LTD.
Establishment March 31st, 1949
Capital 200 million yen
Number of Employees 180
Our Businesses Extraction and purification of molybdenum and vanadium
Manufacture and sales of ferroalloys
Manufacture and sales of molybdenum and vanadium chemical products
Manufacture and sales of rare earth element compounds and zirconium compounds
Manufacture and sales of ceramic raw materials
Solar power generation business
Real estate leasing business
Sports facility business
Our Offices Head Office,Tokyo Office,Osaka Office,Ako Laboratory,
Ako Plant,Fukui Plant,Hosoe Plant,Sports Business Division
Affiliated Companies Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.Nichirin Co., Ltd.Toho Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
The Suzuki Menthol Co., Ltd.
/Taiyo Building Co., Ltd./ Taiyo Forestry Co., Ltd/
Taiwa Co., Ltd./International Organic Hydride Co.,Ltd

Organization Chart