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Expeditious development of high value-added materials, demanded by the generation.
Vanadium Metal production faclity (Electron Beam furnace)
Vanadium Metal production faclity (Electron Beam furnace)
  Today, the directions taken in the past for social development need to be revaluated and corrected to make way for a resource recycling type, high level information oriented society.
Taiyo Koko with its accumulated experience and technological strength will pursue the development of new technologies and new materials demanded by the generation through flexible concepts and with its speedy information gathering network.
Taiyo Koko will be involved in the various technological fields, not only in analytical evaluation technology in which Taiyo Koko is well experienced but in the field of nano-technology in which control is made over nano-sized grains, powders, nano-structure porous bodies, and composite powders, and also in the field of ultra high purity in which new characteristics are drawn out by increased purity levels.
The company will continue to make challenges aggressively in aiming to realize a society in which affluence and environmental preservation may coexist in harmony.
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