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Recycling System

Establishment of a Recycling System, Friendly to Humankind and Our Mother Earth
We at Taiyo Koko have been working to establish products and technologies that are friendly to humankind and to our mother earth with recognition that gprotection of global environmenthis one of our important tasks.
As the result of our efforts, we have established an original improved recycling system for valuable resources such as molybdenum and vanadium.
Our system which increases the recyclability of rare metals to achieve a stable supply, is highly regarded in and outside Japan.

Molybdenum based catalysts are used in oil refineries as desulfurizing catalyst to improve the quality of oil and to remove sulfur thatcauses air pollution.
In our recycling system, molybdenum, vanadium deposited on catalysts during purification.
In addition a remainingalumina concentrates are effectively used too.
In addition to desulfurization, catalysts are also used for metal recovery,

denitrification, decomposition and other processes in oil refineries.
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