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Brief History
1919 ¥Taiyo Soda Co., Ltd. established as a subsidiary of the general trading company, Suzuki Shoten.
1936 ¥Launched research into rare elements at Institute for Chemical Research.
1939 ¥Renamed as Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd.
1943 ¥Nippon Kinzoku Kagaku, established.
Commenced production of rare-earth products, centered on production of cerium fluoride.
1945 ¥Launched research and production of chemicals for ceramics.
1949 ¥Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. dissolved under the Business Reorganization Law.
¥Commenced mining and roasting of molybdenum, and production of titanium alloy.
¥Nippon Kinzoku Kagaku dissolved and re-established as Shin Nippon Metal & Chemical Co., Ltd.
¥Developed Japan's first zirconium product.
1952 ¥Commenced production of ferro molybdenum and aluminum mother alloy.
1954 ¥Commenced production of ferro vanadium and ammonium molybdate.
¥Commenced full-scale production of zirconium oxide for condensers.
1960 ¥Commenced production of zirconium oxide for optics.
1965 ¥Commenced full-scale production of bismuth oxide.
1968 ¥Commenced production of selenium oxide for CRTs.
1970 ¥Hosoe Plant of Shin Nippon Metal & Chemical Co., Ltd. established.
¥Commenced production of lanthanum oxide and neodymium oxide.
1971 ¥Large-scale ferro alloy production equipment. (thermit furnace) completed.
1978 ¥Recycling plant for rare metals (recovered from spent catalysts) established.
¥Commenced production of rare earth and zirconium compounds for automobile catalysts.
1988 ¥Research building of Ako Laboratory completed.
1991 ¥New Head Office building completed.
1995 ¥Ferro molybdenum fine powder production facility commenced operation.
1997 ¥Hyper pure molybdenum trioxide mass production facility completed.
¥Vanadium metal powder production facility completed.
2000 ¥Fukui Plant established.
2004 ¥Merged with Shin Nippon Metal & Chemical Co., Ltd.
2008 ¥Vanadium Metal production favility iEledtron Beam furnace) completed.
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