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Materials for CERAMICS  Main Products  Main Uses
 Supplying of base materials for ceramics that meet the needs of the current era.
  We have long supplied high quality bismuth oxide, secondary tin oxide, and metastannic acid as base material for ceramics to various industries, including IT, life science, transportation, energy and others.
However to realize a recycling type society and a high level information society, more progressive, higher performance materials are needed.
To meet these needs of the present age, Taiyo Koko is working to produce materials in even finer powders and in higher purity.
Taiyo Koko is also focusing on the production of composite materials of rare metal, rare earth and others having new functions.
The company will continue to pursue the possibilities of fine ceramics with novel concepts and sound technology.
  Main Products
Bismuth Oxide
Secondary Tin Oxide
Metastannic Acid
  Main Uses
Electronic Components
・High Frequency Dielectrics
・Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
・Piezoelectric Devices
・Fluorescent Substances
IC Tags
High Conductivity Materials
・High Conduction Transformers
Fuel Cells
・Ultra Life Solid Oxide
・Compound Fine Powder Electrolyte Electrode
New Glass
・Optic Fibers
・Hybrid Integrated Circuits
・Additives (high refraction, low dispersion)
Heatproof and Fireproof Tiles
Mineral Pigments
Solar Power Panels
High Strength Ceramic Composite Materials
Artificial Bones and Teeth
   Certain characteristics of rare earth, unknown in the past may be drawn out by making them into ultra fine powder or making them of extremely high purity. Also by adding atoms and molecules by nano-control, new composite materials may be developed.
(Photo of bismuth oxide
A seen through an electron microscope.)
   Solar power is a prime example of so-called clean energy. Lowering of costs and increasing of generation efficiency of power generating modules are being pursued.
   IC tags are currently the center of attention in the distribution industry for use in preventing theft and illegal handling of foodstuff. It was essential to develop low priced IC chips in the size of a grain of sand to enable fitting them in IC tags.
  Small lightweight fuel cells for a cellular phone. Various kinds
of models are being developed toward putting fuel cells to practical use.
Please click on for the detailed information of the molybdenum.
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