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Zirconium  Main Products  Main Uses
New application for Zirconium are being envisioned to make the most of its outstanding properties.
  New application are being probed to make the most of the superior characteristics of Zirconium.
Zirconium was discovered in 1789 during the process of analyzing the gem, zircon.
The outstanding corrosion resistant and heat resistant characteristics of zirconium are utilized by forming zirconium compounds which have become indispensable raw materials for sulfuric acid production facilities, nuclear reactors, ceramic electronic materials, piezoelectric elements, and for electrodes. Also, Zirconium is used as electrolytes and electrode material in fuel cells which have been drawing much attention recently.
Taiyo Koko will continue to work to develop new products and search for new possibilities in zirconium use.
  Main Products
Zirconium Oxide
Zirconium Compounds
  Main Uses
Electron Materials
・Ceramic Electron Materials
・Piezoelectric Elements
・Mother Boards
・O2 sensors
・Change of Position Sensors
・Tools, Cutting Tools, Dies
Magnetic Material
New Glass
・Additives (high refraction, low dispersion)
・Coating Materials
Uranium Fuel Rod Coating
Electrolytic Solution for Fuel Cells
Pollution Control Catalysts
  Stand-alone robots must speedily detect internal information such as sound and light and its own information such as posture and center of gravity movements. Zirconium is used in various sensors that provide such information.
   Zirconium is used not only in nuclear reactors but for uranium rod fuel rod coating since it possesses suitable characteristics that allow neutrons to pass through.
   Fuel cells have been attracting much attention recently as a source for clean energy since no fossil fuel is consumed and no CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Zirconium plays an important role here as material for electrolytes and electrodes of the fuel cells.
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