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RARE EARTH  Main Products  Main Uses
 Rare earth is essential to cutting -edge technologies that give us affluent and commodious lifestyle.
  Although most of us are not familiar with rare earth, they comprise an essential group of elements that form the core (electronic components) of numerous electrical and electronic equipment, including cellular phones, computers, digital cameras and other communication equipment.
They are the key to improved performance, down-sizing, weight reducing, and energy savings of these products. Indeed, rare earth plays an important background role in supporting our modern everyday life.

Cellular phones have become an absolutely indispensable item for most of us.These cellular phones,housed in compact containers, are packed with a myriad of the latest LCD, ceramic capacitors,thermistors, and other electronic components.New materials produced by Taiyo Koko helps to make these cellular phone possible,an item which we could see before only in our wildest dreams.
  Main Products
Mixed Rare-earth Compounds
Cerium Compounds
Lanthanum Compounds
Neodymium Compounds
Praseodymium Compounds
Addition Materials for Steel
Cerium Abrasives
  Main Uses
Electronic Components
・Multi-layered Ceramic Condensers
・Dielectric Filters
・Magneto-optical Recording Material
・Various Fluorescent Substances
Magnetic Material
・High-output Micrometers
・Audio Products
New Glass
・Optical Fibers, Optical Integrated Circuits
・Glass for Liquid Crystal Panels
・Ultra-thin Glass Panels for Solar Batteries
・Optical Lenses
・Glass Polishing Abrasives
・Raw Material for Cr Etching Agents
Super Conductors
Fine Ceramics Material
Catalytic Converters for Automobiles
   The glass surface of liquid crystal panels and plasma panels must be super flat with a mirror finish.
Cerium oxide is used as the abrasive to achieve such super flat, mirror finish panels.
   The advent of optical fibers brought about a revolution in communication with light playing a major role in the processing of communication and information.
Development of optical integrated circuits is being advanced by making the most of the characteristics of light which does not emit heat nor induces electromagnetic induction.
Please click on for the detailed information of the molybdenum.
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