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VANADIUM  Main Products  Main Uses
  Vanadium as an addition material for steel enhances heat resistance.
Steel containing vanadium is used for nuclear furnaces, turbines of turbo engines, and in cutting tools such as drills.
It is also used extensively in steels requiring high tensile strength, such as for pipelines, tanks, and bridges. It is also used together with molybdenum as desulfurizing catalysts in oil refineries, as catalysts to recover toxic substances from exhaust gas in plants, and as an additive in the chemical industry. Moreover, increased demand for vanadium is seen for hydrogen occlusion alloys and electrolytic solutions of fuel cells which places only a light load on the environment while giving good generating efficiency.
Vanadium is also indispensable for high performance secondary batteries used in next generation mobile information equipment.
  Main Products
Ferro Vanadium
Ammonium Metavanadate
Vanadium Pentoxide
Aluminum Vanadium
Ferro Vanadium Fine Powder
Vanadium Metal
  Main Uses
Addition materials for steel
・High Tensile Strength Steel (pipelines, tanks, bridges, and ships)
・High Speed Steels (drills and other cutting tools)
Alloy Products
・For Aircraft
・Nuclear Reactor Control Materials
・Golf Club Heads
Fuel Cells
・Hydrogen Occlusion Batteries
Secondary Batteries
Products for the Chemical Industry
・Pollution Control Catalysts, Dioxin Reducing Catalysts
・Desulfurizing Catalysts
・Chemical Additives
・Pigments and Reagents
  imageWith the aim of introducing green energy, automobile manufacturers are promoting the development of fuel cell powered vehicles.
This photo shows a new model fuel cell powered bus which has just started operating. Here again, vanadium plays an important role.
  We extract vanadium from spent catalysts of fuel refineries.
  Crude oil contains a number of heavy metals including vanadium.
Taiyo Koko recovers molybdenum in spent desulfurizing catalysts and the vanadium attached to such catalysts.
Please click on for the detailed information of the molybdenum.

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Vanadium Holders
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