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Molybdenum  Main Products  Main Uses
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  Molybdenum has long been used as a typical addition material to steel to increase its impact resistance, toughness, and resistance against deformation. With such improved properties, molybdenum added steels are indispensable in the construction of high rise buildings, expressways and in infrastructures where high quality performance is required. Molybdenum is also an essential element in cold rolled steel sheets for automobile bodies and in special composite materials for aircraft.
Moreover, molybdenum is widely used as a desulfurizing catalyst in oil refineries, and as a catalyst and additive in the chemical industry, contributing to preservation of the environment and to the development of the chemical industry. Furthermore, the use of molybdenum is not limited to conventional applications mentioned above.
Attention is being focused on molybdenum as a new material for communication devices and electronic components and the issue at present is to produce even finer and more pure powders to improve their functionality.
  Main Products
Low Carbon Ferro Molybdenum
Ammonium Molybdate
Ferro Molybdenum Fine Powder
Sodium Molybdate
Molybdenum Trioxide
Phosphorous Molybdic Acid
Hyper Pure Ammonium Molybdate (4N)
  Main Uses
Addition Materials for Steel
・Alloy Steels for Structural Use
(machinery, shipbuilding, and construction)
・Stainless Steel (chemical plants)
・Special Steel Parts (automobiles, railway cars, aircraft)
・Welding Rods
Products for the Chemical Industry
・Oil Desulfurizing Catalyst
・Hydrogenolysis Catalysts
・Oxidation Catalytic Converter
・Pigments and Regents
・Corrosion Inhibitors
Electronic Components
  imageMolybdenum is commonly added to steel to produce stronger car bodies, engines components and shafts.
  imageMolybdenum catalysts are used to remove atmosphere polluting sulfides in oil and to increase octane value of the oil.
  From infrastructure to more familiar things, molybdenum plays an integralrole in our lives.
  With the aim to structure a recycling type of society, Taiyo Koko has started recovery of molybdenum from spent catalysts of oil refineries for the first time in Japan. By this, the company contributes towards offering a stable supply of this rare metal in Japan.
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