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Basic Business Philosophy

Basic Business Philosophy
We, at Taiyo Koko, feel that it is our mission to supply quality materials produced through technology originally developed by the company.
Taiyo Koko has grown with the progress of the Japanese economy. Through its development of ferromolybdenum, the first in the industry, and other new materials (rare metals) created in response to specific needs of the times, the company has contributed in part to rapid economic growth, thereby establishing a solid presence in the business.
With our mission clearly in mind, we are about to take another step forward. Our first mission is to continue R&D efforts to take full advantage of the unique properties of rare metals.
By supplying advanced products capable of supporting the technical innovation of the high-tech industry, as well as the steel industry and chemical industry, we wish to meet users' expectations, and contribute to the creation of an affluent, comfortable society.
Another of the company's missions is to preserve the global environment and safety at the community level.
Already, the company has successfully developed a recycling system for molybdenum, vanadium, and other precious metals. Recognizing the protection of the global environment to be an important challenge, we are taking one step forward and developing products and technology both safe and friendly to humankind and to our mother Earth.
The goal of the company is to achieve harmony with nature and achieve a secure position as an enterprise known to contribute to society.
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