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Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd. communicate with the world on the basic of materials.
Our company, Taiyo Koko Co.,Ltd., is engaged in the recycling and production of scarce but vital materials such as molybdenum, vanadium, and rare earth, essential in the fields of life science, IT, and environmental preservation.

Molybdenum has long been used as a typical addition material to steel to increase its impact resistance, toughness, and resistance against deformation. With such improved properties, molybdenum added steels are indispensable in the construction of high rise buildings, expressways and in infrastructures where high quality performance is required. Molybdenum is also an essential eleme-nt in cold rolled steel sheets for automobile bodies and in special
composite materials for aircraft.


Vanadium as an addition material for steel enhances heat resistance. Steel containing vanadium is used for nuclear furnaces, turb-ines of turbo engines, and in cutting tools such as drills. It is also used extensively in steels requiring high tensile strength, such as for pipelines, tanks, and bridges. It is also used together with molybdenum as desulfurizing catalysts in oil refineries, as catalysts to recover toxic substances from exhaust gas in plants, and as an additive in the chemical industry.

Rare Earth

Although most of us are not familiar with rare earth, they comprise an essential group of elements that form the core (electronic components) of numerous electrical and electronic equipment, including cellular phones, computers, digital cameras and other communication equipment. They are the key to improved performance,down-sizing, weight reducing, and energy savings of these products. Indeed, rare earth plays an important background role in supporting our modern everyday life.


New application are being probed to make the most of the superior characteristics of Zirconium. Zirconium was discovered in 1789 during the process of analyzing the gem, zircon.The outstanding corrosion resistant and heat resistant characteristics of zirconium are utilized by forming zirconium compounds which have become indispensable raw materials for sulfuric acid production facilities, nuclear reactors, ceramic electronic materials, piezoelectric elements, and for electrodes. Also, Zirconium is used as electrolytes and electrode material in fuel cells which have been drawing much attention recently.

Material for Ceramics

We have long supplied high quality bismuth oxide, secondary tin oxide, and metastannic acid as base material for ceramics to various industries, including IT, life science, transportation, energy and others. However to realize a recycling type society and a high level information society, more progressive, higher performance materials are needed. To meet these needs of the present age, Taiyo Koko is working to produce materials in even finer powders and in higher purity.

Recycling System for Molybdenum & Vanadium

Taiyo Koko has started recovery of molybdenum and vanadium from spent catalysts of oil refineries for the first time in japan.
By this, the company contributes towards offering a stable supply of thisrare metal in japan.
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